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Countertops in the river wholesale and retail

Offer type: salePublished: 10.11.2017
Company:Kompaniya "Postformplast"
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Address:Ukraine, Dnipropetrovska Oblast', Dnipropetrovsk

Kitchen is an important place in any home where he was not in Kiev or Kharkov, Odessa and the Dnieper, so make it carefully. Modern interior design requires a harmonious match to the style, so the minor details are there. Among the extremely important elements distinguish the countertop, which have a large surface area. They perform important in the embodiment of the designer. However, their main purpose is functional load.

Postformplast offers to buy countertops Dnepr wholesale and retail. We offer to buy the countertop from the manufacturer in Ukraine, which has a work surface covered with laminate. This material allows you to create an original table tops which have excellent performance and high quality. Assortimet our store offers models of different shades, all of them stylish and reliable.

At the core of the product is a quality slab of particle Board and HPL plastic, which will cope with the mechanical loads. The surface has excellent wear resistance, therefore chemical and thermal stresses it is not terrible.

In addition to excellent performance, countertops have a beautiful appearance. The original aesthetic is evident in the genuine texture, which is represented of rough, smooth surface and orange peel.

The main characteristics of Postformplast countertops are eco-friendly materials, long service life and trendy design.

The buyer today puts a lot of requirements to this element of the interior. It needs to be durable and attractive, with smooth surfaces, without visible cracks and joints. The care of the countertops would not be a huge difficulty.

The texture and design of kitchen worktops

Huge selection of colors and textures will not leave indifferent the visitors of our store. We offer standard models and custom made for a specific kitchen. There are textures that mimic wood, stone and other materials. They differ only in the price, these are more expensive.

Also, the price of the product is affected by the method of edging, mostly postforming. But there are still other finishing methods is the edges of different materials.

With our countertops, photos of which can be seen on you can't spill coffee or wine, because the product is protected by a sealed layer. The external appearance of the product will remain the same for a long time.