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To purchase a countertop for your kitchen from the manufacturer

Offer type: salePublished: 10.11.2017
Company:Kompaniya "Dekori-Elite"
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Address:Ukraine, Kharkivs'ka Oblast', Kharkiv

Large selection of countertops for kitchen with layer of HPL plastics, the company offers "Decors-Elite". Technology of their creation allows to obtain products with excellent characteristics. They are able to withstand heavy loads do not change in shape and color. Do not scratch and are easy to care for. In addition, the price of such tops is quite affordable. Our offices operate in many cities of Ukraine, and because it has managed to create comfortable conditions of cooperation with clients and partners. Transportation logistics and the formation of orders allows the most efficient use of all production resources. Thanks to the company Decor-Elite offers to buy table tops for wholesale and retail at the most attractive cost.

To order any instalment of the goods, or design in a single instance using the online resource. Submitted photos will allow to find the optimal decor. Technology for creating plastic, HPL provides the ability to get any images. You have to purchase a countertop for your kitchen, which will exactly repeat the pattern of natural wood, stone, ceramic elements, or will transfer the original pattern. For the basics used wood stove, which is several layers impregnated with a thermoplastic resin paper. Under pressure and due to the heat treatment obtained resistant coating. HPL plastic with the outer edge wrapped chipboard panel. He comes to the lower part. Thus, the top receives additional protection from external influence. Manufactured products of different thickness. Because of this you can purchase pieces of furniture which will perfectly fit and will withstand the anticipated load. All raw materials and consumables for the production we get from foreign suppliers. This gives the ability to produce the goods as no different from foreign analogues, but much more attractive cost.

The cost of production low and allows you to get cheap raw materials for furniture. Buying countertops from the manufacturer, you will be able to choose from a huge range and count on the best deal.

We offer customers not only quality products at a low price, but also provide a high level of service. With branches in Kiev, Odessa, Dnepr, Kharkiv and other cities quickly will order and guarantee delivery.