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Sports corner Combo+ rainbow

Offer type: salePublished: 10.11.2017
Price:2 320 UAH
Seller:Neposeda Tat'yana
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv
Sports corner Combo+ rainbow
Sports corner Combo+ rainbow is a composite construction of the wall and the Gladiator mesh for climbing, combined in a common frame with a stationary horizontal bar.
- height - 210cm, 225 cm or 240 cm
- width:
- frame walls and mesh - 120cm
- top bar - 127cm
- the width of the wall 70cm
- width of 50cm Gladiator wall
- protrusion of the upper horizontal bar forward - 60cm
- number of crossbars:
- at the wall - 9/10 PCs
on the upper horizontal bar - 2pcs
Sports corner Combo+ rainbow rope set, you can choose a height of 210 cm and 225 cm or 240 cm Differs from the usual combining of the area's both with a width of 120cm, allowing Your children to play more convenient and comfortable.
Available options:
- 210 cm
- 225 cm (+120.00 UAH.)
- 240 cm (+340.00 UAH).
- Pine
- Beech (+320.00 UAH).
Sports corner is made of solid quality pine, all details are carefully processed and do not contain rough edges, covered with multiple layers of safe nail Polish with no smell, which increases the lifetime of the complex, all visible screws are closed with plugs. The use of beech slats can withstand loads up to 100 kg. the Location of elements of a rope set it is possible on both the right and left side.
The sports area is suitable for the whole family: parents can use the top horizontal bar with two crossbeams be tightened and hang headfirst, and children with pleasure will master all elements of a rope set and a gladiatorial grid.
Rope stairs develops tenacity, helps with development of sense of balance, improves coordination of movements and gives loading practically on all groups of muscles. The ladder helps to train the vestibular system - learning to climb a swinging ladder, your baby will not be nappy in transport, on the Playground and on the carousel.
Ring immediately attract the child's attention. They are easily adjustable and help you to perform many exercises: vis, unwinding, push-UPS, as on the uneven bars, flips and stand upside down with a support on rings and any other exercises invented by children themselves.
Allowable dynamic load:
- rails: the Swedish wall and the upper horizontal bar - 100kg
elements of a rope set - 60kg
- sidewall: the Swedish wall, a gladiatorial grid the horizontal bar - a pine
- rails: wall bars, horizontal bar, rope ladder - beech
rings are turned from strong waterproof plywood
- rope in elements of a rope set - polypropylene
Water-soluble paints Irkom which are certificated and approved by Ministry of health of Ukraine and have the following advantages:
- Odorless
- Environmentally friendly water-soluble composition is an acrylic latex with a stabilizing additive
- Resistant to moisture, water and washing by household chemicals
- Soak coating solvent-borne varnishes
Film resistant to UV radiation
- Protects wood from biological destruction
- Uniformly resistant to mechanical abrasion
- Through time does not change the color of the film and the surface of the wood
Package contents:
- Swedish wall and Gladiator with the top horizontal bar
- rope ladder
- gymnastic rings
Additionally sportaholic can be equipped with a Board press and a children's slide!
Delivery time is 2-6 business days.
Warranty - 12 months from the date of delivery.
Manufacture - Ukraine.
Delivery and installation in Kiev - to be paid separately.
It is possible to send across Ukraine companies.
Payment: You can pay for the goods upon receipt, or by 100% prepayment. Your choice!

Accepting orders by phone: (099) 04-30-301