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Mirror tile Gold. Mirror tile gold color. Tile gold mirror with facet.Golden mirror tile from the manufacturer.

Offer type: salePublished: 22.11.2016
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv

Original, stylish and exquisite finishing material - gold mirror tile, recently appeared on the Ukrainian market, but has already managed to gain popularity among all lovers of dramatic and non-trivial design decisions.

Such tiles fit perfectly into the interior, whatever it was. It has the Golden color of 585 gold and successfully looks in harmony with any materials.
In fact, this tile is a mirror with facet , which has a certain shape and gold color. The edges of such fragments are processed sure – chamfer of different widths is removed by special equipment. This allows you to give it a more aesthetic appearance and to increase the level of safety in operation.
Popular tile cut decorative beveled edges made of mirrors.

Dear buyers, all items are made to individual order, for this this group of product returns and no exchanges. When choosing a product consult your Manager.

Instructions for use of mirror tiles:

Mirror tile is suitable for decorating all types of surfaces (walls, ceiling, doors) in interior design, for furniture and interior design. This material can be used in dry areas only (corridors, halls, trade halls), and in rooms with high humidity (bathrooms, kitchens).

Surface preparation:

1. Clean the surface free from Wallpaper, behind paint, chalk, lime, dust.

2.Cover the base with a primer - you can use the paint or varnish with the addition of a suitable solvent, or a special priming compositions.

3.If necessary, put on the wall of the compositions to combat efflorescence, fungi, mold.

4. Smooth the surface to eliminate bumps, sharp bends and protrusions.

5. Let the surface dry before laying the mirror tiles.


Actual size of tiles can differ from the nominal ± 2 mm.

Gusset facet in the corner of the tile can be shifted by ± 2 mm.

Do not use glues, cement-based (such as "Cement, "Tserezit" etc.) for mounting mirror tiles.

You cannot use an acidic (acetic) universal sealants.

Compositions for applying.

As a glue it is best to use any neutral sealant. You can apply “Liquid nails” or a special mirror adhesive at the rate of 1 tube volume of 290 ml per 1 m2 of tiles. .

For mirror tiles in any format used a mirror with a thickness of 3-4 mm. or more.

If necessary, tiles can be cut with a glass cutter. To clean the tile by any means for washing of glasses.