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Countertop of quartz stone

Offer type: salePublished: 01.08.2017
Company:OOO 'R-Tcompany'
Seller:R-T company
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Address:Kyiv Oblast', Brovary, Ukraine
Countertop from quartz stone.
Kitchen countertops made of quartz are practical, they are not afraid of chips, scratches and bumps. This table top will serve not one generation, while maintaining a perfect look. Quartz countertop in the kitchen has many advantages:
- it is made of environmental and sanitary material, recommended for use in medical and care institutions;
- has chemical resistance;
- the surface of the countertop cannot be damaged by splashing of hot oil;
refractory material does not suffer from the pan, just removed from plates and placed on the kitchen countertop;
- not afraid of changes in temperature, so place the pots can immediately take the ice bucket;
- the surface requires careful maintenance and easy to clean. Countertop made of quartz is particularly convenient because it does not need to scrape, burnish, and to scour, as it has a smooth, non-porous structure.
Quartz stone are essential to the aesthetics and practicality of the material must meet the same high requirements. If you fancy the interior of your kitchen don't fit the colors of natural stone, you can order other options quartz countertop: wide palette of colors agglomerate, help you find options for every taste and embody the boldest ideas from the best brands, which are represented in the Ukrainian market - Samsung rаdianz, Vicostone.