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Generator lamp RS 3021 CJ for laser machines

Offer type: salePublished: 16.10.2020
Seller:Tsehanovskij Sergej
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Address:Czech Republic
Supply of generator lamps RS 3021 CJ for laser Trumpf machines from other manufacturers. Lamps are much cheaper than traditional and thus have similar and even higher specifications.
In addition to the lamp RS 3021 CJ supplied lamp RS3021CL, RS3020CJ, RS3005CL, RS3005CJ, RS3040CL, RS3040CJ, ITL2, ITK10, ITL9, ITL12, ITK12, ITL15, ITK15, 3CX2500A3, 3CX2500H3, 3CX2500F3, 3CX10000H3, 3CX15000H3, 3CX20000H3 and others.