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Collection Winter gift Dolls

Offer type: salePublished: 31.03.2015
Company:Gruppa kompanij "Fabrika Reshenij "Alyie Parusa"
Seller:Yudina Nataliya
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv

All the holidays, and especially Christmas, come from childhood! From snow-covered Lapland Doll came GERD (25cm), porcelain. Doll Gerda is a symbol of a loving heart. After going through all the difficulties, she was able not only to find my Cai, but also to melt his ice heart.
Kai, my dear Kai! Finally I found you!...
But he sat quite still motionless and cold. Then Gerda wept; her hot tears fell on his chest, penetrated into the heart, melted his icy crust and melted the shard. Kai looked at her, and she began to sing:

Roses bloom... Beauty, beauty!
Soon we shall see the Christ child.
And Kai suddenly burst into tears and cried so hard for so long that the shard flowed from his eyes with tears. Then he recognized her and was very happy.
- Gerda. My dear Gerda!... Where you been so long?
(H. C. Andersen "The Snow Queen")

Along with the Doll Gerda in the Collection Winter gift Dolls and other adorable baby Doll dressed in a cushy suit.

Branding pupae possible with stylish satin belts, scarves and bows with Your logo. Ask for full price