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Pupae magnets with photo frames and other themed 3D magnets. Creative 3D technology create a promotional volume!

Offer type: salePublished: 31.03.2015
Company:Gruppa kompanij "Fabrika Reshenij "Alyie Parusa"
Seller:Yudina Nataliya
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv

Introducing the new 3D technology to create promotional volume. This technology allows you to create a miniature naturalistic copies and pass even the smallest details, ensuring jewelry craftsmanship. This technology has found wide application in the collection of thematic 3D magnets.

Particularly noteworthy are miniature doll with photo frames with magnets, because this kind of magnets can be branded with your corporate image, which can be inserted into the frame pupae. Minimum quantity - St.

Sometimes the gift is emotional nuance;) B such cases, gifts effectively retrofitted some symbolic mascot. For example, for such purposes, we can offer one of the thematic creative magnets. The magnets causing most often not done. But thematic mascot, presented by Your company (may be bundled with other branded Souvenirs), in the customer's mind will associate it with Your brand! So, the mascot will perform the marketing function will remind Your Customers about You!!!