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Manual-combine Kitchen king pro (kitchen king Pro)

Offer type: salePublished: 31.03.2015
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Seller:Tsyimbal Dmitrij
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Manual food processor Kitchen King Pro kitchen king Pro.

Food processor Kitchen King Pro kitchen king Pro is a slicer, and tarda, and chopper, manual food processor, and blender, andeven mixer!!! All in one manual food processor Kitchen King Pro kitchen king Pro. It works without electricity, so it is safe and easy to use.

Slicer kitchen king Pro has new properties and design. Unlike the plow predecessors, harvester-terda Kitchen King Pro kitchen king Pro is equipped with a special anti slip feet.

In just 5-10 seconds and any of Your favorite salad is ready to serve, you only need to fill it with mayonnaise or olive oil. Soup, salad, salad, crab or Moscow salads with your food processor Kitchen King Pro kitchen king Pro easy to cook. Chopper Kitchen King Pro kitchen king you can download all the products, not cut apart.

You want to get something special!!!! Put in a large bowl Kitchen King Pro favorite fruits to 5 seconds and exotic fruit salad is ready.

Tired of crying when chopping onions?! This is not a problem!!! When chopping onions, You will not even feel its smell, except that after the opening of the container.

Pate, mayonnaise, tomato paste, eggplant, scrambled eggs, potato and zucchini pancakes, soups, soups, sauces, creams, cake and biscuits, muffins, filling for cakes and pancakes with cabbage, beans, apples, vegetables, milk shakes - all that You can cook chopper products for Kitchen King Pro without even any devices in seconds.

Want or coarsely chopped salads?! It is not a problem - you only need to count the revolutions of the handle, the more rpm, the smaller the sliced products, the less speed - the larger the cut pieces.

Do you have a small child?! No need to buy a blender.... vegetables, fruits, meats, soups, all easily whipped into puree, you only need to do a bit more speed than usual bunch until you get the required consistency for You.

Advantages of manual food processor Kitchen King Pro kitchen king Pro:
stylish design;
lightweight and easy to use;
does not occupy much space;
will shred any salad;
don't need a power supply;
cutting plates and strips;
mixing cocktails, mayonnaise, biscuit dough, the dough for pancakes or hash Browns, potato pancakes;
easily shred puree for your baby from any products;
slicer, grater, chopper, food processor and blender all in one appliance Kitchen King Pro kitchen king Pro does not need to fill the container completely, it can grind only 2-3 garlic;
easy to clean, can be washed in the dishwasher.

Equipment slicers Kitchen King Pro kitchen king Pro:
Kitchen King Pro Kitchen King Pro
A knife for chopping.
Knife for whipping egg (scrambled eggs, creams, etc.).
Grater for cutting strips and plates.

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