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Folding table stand for laptop cooling E-Table (E-table)

Offer type: salePublished: 30.03.2015
Price:400 UAH
Seller:Chernyisheva Elena
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv

Computers firmly established in our lives. And we cannot imagine ourselves without the convenient laptop netbook or tablet. But, unfortunately, these devices tend to overheat, which causes discomfort during operation and may cause damage.

All these problems can be solved by using a folding table stand for laptop cooling E-Table. You and the health store, and operation devices will continue.

Portable table for laptop E-Table will allow You to maintain the correct angle inspection, to avoid complications with vision, a comfortable position for working, not to prevent the development of scoliosis, degenerative disc disease, fatigue and discomfort during prolonged work.

Table for laptop E-Table is the best fit for the people who are much travel, work outside the office. Everyone knows that laptops cannot be put on soft surfaces, as impossible to gain access to the vents and the device overheats.

Pad for laptop Portable Laptop Table is designed with two cooling the coolers, which prevents overheating of the device. Fans can be connected by a cable to any USB port. There's a special place for the mouse, pens, the cups. A table allows you to change the angle of the laptop.

Computer table convenient to use while lying on a sofa, sitting on the floor or on nature. It easily folds down to a minimum size and convenient to carry with a. In addition You can adjust the height of the legs and to oneself.

Portable multifunctional table for laptop E-Table made of lightweight durable plastic and weighs only 1.5 kg, but is able to withstand loads up to 25 kg! Perfect for laptops with screens up to 17 inches.

E-Table suitable for serving breakfasts or dinners, for reading books, drawing, in the car. Sitting comfortably on the couch or bed with the laptop, You will be able to simultaneously watch TV. No discomfort! The laptop is not overheats, and accordingly, You will not burn your knees, especially in the summer.


• Quickly and easily decomposed

• Takes up very little space, easy

• Can be used on Desk, couch, bed, floor or on your knees

• Table legs are regulated. They can be completely folded and used as a flat stand

• Adjustable angle of inclination the working surface

• There is a place for a mouse, pen, the cups.

Table E-Table will provide You with a comfortable job and protect equipment from failure due to overheating.

Specifications mini table laptop:

• Package dimensions: HH 36 mm

• The sizefraction folded: mm h

• Size countertops in open: mm h

• The height of the table: 0 - 320 mm

• Weight: 1490 grams

• Material: ABS plastic

• Maximum load: 25 kg

• Fans: 2 PCs.

• Speed of rotation fan: 2500 R / M

• Noise level: 25 dBA

• Nominal voltage: 5 V

• Energy consumption: 0,9 W

• Color: black and white

Package contents:

• Table for laptop E-Table

• Manual

• Packing box

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