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Biometric passport against the old type of unequal power

Offer type: servicesPublished: 18.11.2013
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Address:Russian Federation, Moskovskaya Oblast'
In biometric passports of the Russian Federation started to make fingerprints. While the desire. The decree of the President of the Russian Federation dated 29.12.2012, N1709 establishes that the Federal migration service in Moscow, St. Petersburg and data regions, cities from 1 July 2013. should the desire of citizens to issue passports with embedded electronic chip further personal biometric characteristics of the image papillary patterns of both fingers owners passport.
The main difference biometric passports is that he built a special microchip, which recorded not only the data of the passport holder (name, date of birth, as well as his / her passport data: number, date of issue, expiration date), but his photography, as well as some unique characteristics of a person. It can be fingerprints, facial features, iris eyes, height, weight, etc.
First biometric passports being introduced in the United States after the events of 2001, when terrorists blew up the world Trade Center towers in new York. In 2002, more than 180 countries signed an agreement that recognized the biometrics of the person - the basic technology for personal identification in passports and visas. Currently, for example, in Estonia and Latvia also on the chip writes the fingerprint of the owner. But there it's more of a forced measure, because such requirements stated U.S. for the introduction of a visa-free regime.
Currently, citizens of the Russian Federation can do the passport as the old model (64 series), and biometric. But now in Moscow is no longer in each district office of the FMS is possible to obtain a passport in the old version. In the regions also virtually eliminates this possibility. The main reason people want still to make a passport without biometrics is probably the price. The state duty for manufacture of the old version of the passport is only 1000 rubles, and the new version is 2500 rubles (for children 300 and 1200 rubles respectively).
But the validity of the biometric passport is 10 years. In this regard, it has more pages (46 versus 36 in the old version), so the passport thicker. Children in the new passports do not enter, for each child (even at the age of 1 year) it is necessary to make a separate biometric passport.
Among the main advantages of a new passport can be called faster processing of information about the owner on the border - all with biometric passports moves faster.
However, there are also disadvantages. As one of the claimed advantages of biometric passports was declared the impossibility of forgery. But in 2008, a scientist from the University of Amsterdam was able to experimentally implement a fake biometric passports. He copied the chip real passport and changed owner information on it, including photos. Program for checking passports at airports took fakes as real passport.
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