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Annual Schengen visa, you can now put in a clean passport

Offer type: servicesPublished: 13.11.2013
The company "Passport-You did research: Consulate of any of the countries included in the Schengen area, are more likely to issue multiple entry visas. Special attention is paid to the countries with the opportunity to receive annual visas in a clean passport.
There are clear factors that affect the consular decision on the issuance of multiple visas: a previously issued visa, was observed whether the client rule "first entry", as well as the status of the client (financial, family, career). Among other factors are the subjective attitude of the visa worker to complex all of the information specified by the client in the questionnaire. Therefore, it is extremely important to correctly design a questionnaire for a visa and correctly submit to it information and also the proper way to make a mark on the requested terms multivisa.
Among the countries, who are more likely to issue multiple visas to citizens of the Russian Federation (including net passport), it should be noted:
- France. Often get multiple entry visa for a period up to 5 years. Long-term visa is sometimes given even to those in the column "period of stay" is specified only two (or even one) week. Annual visa can also get those who have been in any country in the Schengen area for the last 2 years.
- Spain. High probability of getting a multivisa even in a clean passport. However, if you find that most of the time the visa was carried out in other countries, then the visa can be affixed VTL (only for Spain).
- Greece. If there was previously another Schengen country, most likely Greek visa will be "multi" for a period of six months. In the questionnaire it can be noted the term "90 of 365" - the chance to receive such a visa is very high.
- Slovakia. In December 2012 the Slovak foreign Ministry declared that tourists have made at least 1 trip to Schengen countries can count on a 5 - year-old Slovak Schengen. The probability of getting a 2-year visa is also very high (even for a query on 1st Schengen) when 100% payment for hotel booking.
Conclusion: a very important factor for the successful obtaining of long-term multiple visas is competent filling the application forms. The company "Passport - You" for 10 years, provides for citizens of the Russian Federation-quality services for visas, civil and passports, including citizens who are registered not only in Moscow or Moscow region, but in other regions of the Russian Federation. The company guarantees official visas and passports in accordance with the law, compliance with clear timescales (from 2 working days) at very attractive prices. Individual approach, willingness to work with complex cases. Office in 4 minutes on foot from m Belarusian.