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How to make an invitation for a foreigner in Russia

Offer type: servicesPublished: 07.11.2013
Seller:Kolpakova Elena
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Address:Russian Federation
Want to invite a friend, relative or colleague from abroad to visit Russia? But I do not know what documents are needed for it to complete and where to go? The answers to these questions we have received for your company "Zagran-travel".
The first step
To start with we invite a person decide what kind of visa he is going to open. Most foreigners make ordinary visas depending on the purpose of travel comprising:
•humanitarian and
•to obtain asylum.
Such visas are single, double and multiple.
The second step
We invite must collect and convey such information and documents:
•a photocopy of your passport
•information about yourself,
•data on the place of work,
•during their stay in the Russian Federation,
•the places it wants to visit
•consular office where the alien intends to obtain a visa to enter the Russian Federation.
Step three
In the passport and visa service for your residence, you should:
to find out what documents you need to collect for the invitation (in General, they will deal with issues of guarantees of material, medical and globesity foreign citizen at the time of his stay on the territory of the Russian Federation),
to collect them,
- pay the fee for the issued documents,
- fill in the established form of the application and submit it to the employee of the passport and visa service. When this employee is obliged to give you the right of acceptance of the documents.
If your request is approved, you will receive an official form of an invitation. This document should be forwarded invite citizen.
Step four
In the Russian Consulate in your own country, the alien receives a visa and come to you. After that within three days he should register in the internal Affairs bodies.
What a lot of hassle? In order not to cripple myself by walking the chain of command and at the same time not to refuse the invitation of the foreign visitor, have the care of the paperwork tourist firm. For example, "Zagran-travel". In addition, the company will save you from paperwork, it also quickly prepare. Yes and responsibility for the stay of foreign citizens on the territory of the Russian Federation is not you that is sometimes completely unnecessary.
To get help at the invitation of the company "Zagran-travel", please contact us by phone (495) 545-45-57 or by e-mail