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Gennady Semenikhin. The novel-dilogy "the Astronauts living on earth" Edition designed for the General reader. (the book is in Odessa)

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Address:Ukraine, Odessa oblast', Odesa
Gennady Semenikhin. Favorites
"Astronauts live on the earth"
Year of manufacture 1981
Safety Good
Author Gennady Semenikhin
The format of the publication 130х200 mm (medium format)
The number of pages 512
With a circulation of 100,000
Publisher Military Publishing
Binding Hard cover
Publication type Author's collection

The novel-dilogy "the Astronauts living on earth" is the first artwork about the people's heroic profession - pilots. It is not the history of Star city and not the story of the first heroes of the cosmos, whose name went around the world. It's a novel, and it is therefore not surprising that the truth intertwined with the fiction. The book describes how the main character in works by Aleksey Gorelov becomes first a pilot, then an astronaut. Exactly trust him difficult space flight.
The publication is intended for the General reader.

About the writer Information Born: 28 Dec 1919, Novocherkassk, the don Cossacks, Russian Empire Died: 22 Oct 1984 Biography of Gennadiy Semenikhin was born on 28 December 1919 in the city of Novocherkassk. His father, Alexander, was taught mathematics and surveying in hydromeliorative technical school, mother Nadezhda, a graduate of the Bestuzhev higher courses was a housewife, took care of children, which had three, three sons. Gennady, the average of the brothers, grew up a Tomboy and fidget, participated in all boyish battles. Since the sixth grade Gene began to write poetry and then short stories, which were printed in the Rostov children's newspaper "Lenin's grandchildren". After finishing seventh grade, Gennady entered the hydromeliorative technical school, after which he was sent to work in Kalmykia. In 1939...

Bibliography Prose. Military "as good As fresh were the roses..." "Dog boots" Roads of Victory were two other Commissioner Over Moscow the sky is pure Pani Irena Afterword to exploit the affirmation of life Gloomy Lieutenant Preachy stories - 1. Way Preachy stories - 10. Died people Moralizing stories - 11. Don't go too far Moralizing stories - 12. Deck of cards Moralizing stories - 13. Two situations Preachy stories - 14. Boy and bear Moral stories - 15. In the bus Preachy stories - 16. Remorse Preachy stories - 17. First class Moralizing stories - 18. Goodbye ring Moralizing stories - 19. Magic boots Preachy stories - 20. As fired Bella Preachy stories - 21. Meeting Preachy stories - 22. The old lady and her two daughters Preachy stories - 23. Wedding Moral stories - 24. 32 minutes of the life of Lieutenant Bryantseva Preachy stories - 25. Samsonovsky blow Moral stories - 26. Figure Moralizing stories - 27. Times are changing Preachy stories - 28. One small request Moralizing stories - 29. The recognition of Moral stories - 3. Ivan Ptashkin Preachy stories - 30. Runway Moral stories - 31. Lilac Preachy stories - 32. Laurentiis Preachy stories - 33. Hothouse Preachy scenes - 34. Guest Preachy stories - 35. Tarantula Boris Preachy stories - 36. The boiling life-Moral stories - 37. A word about other Moralistic stories - 38. The height of Moralistic stories - 39. Genghis Khan with a motor Preachy stories - 4. Tear of the commander Preachy stories - 40. A good mentor Preachy stories - 41. The roots of Moralistic stories - 5. Good life Moral stories - 6. White framework snow Preachy stories - 7. Goalkeeper Moral stories - 8. Dust storm Moralizing stories - 9. Step Prose. Modern Hospital Astronauts live on the earth Novocherkassk Pilots Lived two friends take off against the wind

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