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Lightsaber Luke Skywalker, Star wars, episode 6

Offer type: salePublished: 09.12.2023
Price:9 800 UAH
Seller:Nataliya Viktorovna
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine
The lightsaber of Luke Skywalker from the 6th episode of Star wars, a replica of the sword from the movie.

The manufacturer is Hasbro, the license from STAR WARS.
Model Force FX series Black Series.

The sword of Luke Skywalker plays the sounds, known from the film, namely:

-the buzz of a working laser
-hiss when turned on and off
cutting sounds when flapping
-distinctive tones beats.

When you turn on the sword, the light is distributed smoothly over the entire length of the blade of the sword, mimicking his unfolding of the handle. Similarly, when you turn off the sword, the glow gradually disappears from the tip of the sword up to the hilt, simulating the folding of the light blade.

The sword is very bright and loud, and very effective, especially in a dark room or at night.

The sword of Luke Skywalker can be used for mild bouts.

Included is a demo stand and manual.

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