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Destroy this diary/Destroy me/Kera Smith/Wreck This Journal/Keri Smit

Offer type: salePublished: 05.03.2017
Price:129 UAH
Seller:Opanasenko Oksana
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The book is for those who have always dreamed of parapolice and stupid crap.

Don't be afraid to experiment! Tear the page of coffee with it, pluck it and pomaki, tear the page on the ribbon, leave fingerprints and feet, draw language, prosa page, freeze it!

Material for creativity can be: paint, gum, glue, food, stickers, debris, rope, grass, pencils, etc.
Picture, picture, tear templates and turn this fun book on the source of your creative energy. It will not be boring!

About the author
Canadian artist Cary Smith became famous worldwide for its books and apps about creativity including books for creative people "Destroy this journal" and "Discover the world anew," which hit the bestseller lists.
In his work and research, she is committed to the principle that the writer Umberto Eco called "the open work", when the artwork can be completed by the reader, spectator or user. For it is the author's albums, give the reader the opportunity to be not only a consumer but a Creator, beloved by the General public.
Author:C. Smith
Number of pages:224