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The Pendant Of The Trident, The Byzantine"

Offer type: salePublished: 31.03.2015
Price:90 UAH
Seller:Tsyimbal Dmitrij
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A gift of "Lace Underwear, Leather, natural, 50 cm"

The proposed product has the shape of a Trident, which was in widespread use among our ancestors, Dragoslav anska tribes. A right angle, sinuous, wavy lines form an intricate pattern, and a cross to boot that rises above the Trident. In the symbolism of the early Christian period were often used so-called Byzantine braid and cap.

As you know, the first findings of the Trident are dated to the first century ad. That is, modern Small state emblem of Ukraine, arose long before the formation of the Ukrainian lands of the former state - Kievan Rus.

However, before the formation of Civarosa state the Trident was used only as a talisman.When the territory of modern Ukraine as a result of combining a large number of Slavic tribes arose a mighty power, the sign began to be used by the princes as a seal and coat of arms.

Each Prince on his own distorted the Trident: someone has added rounded lines, someone-on the contrary - pointed ends. However, the greatest changes in our coat of arms has undergone after the adoption of Christianity by Prince Vladimir in 988.
Since then, the Trident has gained more and sacral meaning: it became a symbol of the Christian faith. It was believed that it can protect from evil spirits and to protect from evil spirits.

As you can see, this product has a triple meaning: the Trident as the state emblem, charm and religious character.

Therefore, the pendant should be a mandatory attribute of every Ukrainian. Every true descendant of the mighty Slavic race.

This product consists of two parts: Trident and rings for attachment.

Dimensions of pendant: 2,2x4,7 cm

Shipping throughout Ukraine by transport the "New Mail"


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