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Slavic amulet "Kolovrat"

Offer type: salePublished: 31.03.2015
Price:98 UAH
Seller:Tsyimbal Dmitrij
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Kolovrat - the ancient Slavic symbol of the Sun

One of the most ancient Slavic swastica characters is Kolovrat, symbolizing the fiery power of dazhdbog, Svarog and Yarila, as well as the Sun itself. Trademark name comes from the word Kolo, that is the sun. The symbol is a circle with curved rays that many associations with the symbols of the Nazis, although it is absolutely not true. German and Slavic tribes in ancient times consisted of a single nation, and accordingly, the symbolism was, if not the same, largely coincided.
Solar symbolism is not in vain was used by ancient Russ, their lives were completely subordinated to the solar cycle, the Sun is the focus of life and a symbol of fertility, was filled by the fire charms, embroidery, jewelry. The symbolism of the solar sign Kolovrat was used in Vedic rituals and to protect the temples from negative energy.
Without a powerful force Yarila the Sun, which represents Kolovrat, no life is possible on earth, no one win of the Slavs is not complete without a banner with the image of Kolovrat, the image of this sign is found on the coats of mail and helmets in the ancient burial grounds.
Amulet Kolovrat usually produced from solar metal-gold or cheaper yellow metal bronze or brass. It had been as careful of the sign basically Magi and wizards. Currently this powerful fiery symbol will protect its wearer from misfortune, adversity and challenges, to help get out of a difficult crisis situations.
Depicted on the clothes of a warrior, on the arms and banners of Kolovrat will bring victory, crush enemies, will hold a warrior on the path of the Government, if a soldier dies in a fair fight.
The sun's rays Kolovrat can move the sun and the sun, Kolovrat may also be enclosed in a circle, symbolizing the eternal motion of the Universe. In the structure Kolovrat concluded the change of seasons, so you can use it as a powerful amulet at any time of the year. Powerful symbolism Kolovrat will attract health, strength, luck, wisdom and wealth, as well as, bring in family love and harmony.

Made of durable, polished steel.
Talisman has a diagonal: 2.5 cm .

Shipping throughout Ukraine by transport the "New Mail"


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