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Slavic talisman "Obering"

Offer type: salePublished: 31.03.2015
Price:98 UAH
Seller:Tsyimbal Dmitrij
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A gift of "Lace Underwear genuine Leather"

The symbol of the Birth of the great Race - Star NGL, connected with the solar symbol in the center, which our Ancestors were originally called the Herald, brings Health, Happiness and Joy. Bereznik considered ancient Symbol, koroneiki Happiness.

One of the main symbols of our ancestors was a Star NGL. This three triangles superimposed on each other. And the nine angles of a triangle are arranged evenly around the circumference. This symbol indicates Primary Fire of Divine Creation, as well as Shining Shining Jari-Sun. And a Descendant of the Ancient of the gods of Light is a Harmonious White Man.
Such a Star is always placed in the outer circle, which means Life-giving NHL. And all that is around it Rama. Rama is an unknowable essence of the great Creator-the Creator, the emitting light (Star NGL), from which were born for all the worlds.
In addition to the Divine, triangles symbolize the natural and the human principle. What is included in the natural beginning? This is Mother Nature and the four elements - Earth, Water, Fire and Air. The air in the symbol is the outer circle, and the remaining element is the three triangles. Under a man's head should be understood a Healthy Body, Strong Spirit, Soul Light and a clear Conscience. If we compare with the symbol, then a clear Conscience - the outer circle, and other qualities that the three triangles.
In other words we can say about NHL that this symbol has Divine, Natural and Human beginning. All in one symbol that represents the structure of the universe.
In the middle of the star quite often put a more important subject, and the value of the character acquires more meaning.

Made of durable, polished steel.
Talisman has a diagonal: 2.5 cm .

Shipping throughout Ukraine by transport the "New Mail"


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