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Laboratory furniture from "SpecMed"

Offer type: продамPublished: 30.03.2015
Price:20 000 UAH
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Address:Kyiv Oblast', Brovary, Ukraine

"SpecMed"-prozvodRER high quality laboratory and medical the furniture was founded in 2004 in Kyiv region Brovary.

      The main direction our company is providing laboratories, analytical centers, medical facilities, dental clinics and offices, educational institutions, pharmaceutical companies, institutions of veterinary medicine and other institutions of high quality laboratory and medical furniture own production. A wide range combinations of units, shelves, racks allows you to create an island and a wall modules various configurations, including non-standard, which are used panels for electricity, emergency showers, valves for gases, vacuum, cold, hot water and distilled water, etc.
Today it is impossible to imagine a modern laboratory without the convenient and reliable furniture.The correct choice of furniture depends largely on the comfort and security specialists who provide in laboratory spaces most of his working time.Our production company "SpecMed" offers an original development specialized laboratory and medical furniture. The furniture is modern the equipment of the firm "ALTENDORF"(Germany),Makita(Japan),Virutex ( Italy). In the production of furniture components from the world's best producers: Durcon, Isomax, Plastifer,Quarella, Resinline, Gruppo Pozzi, Pfleiderer, Danish the company Broen, S.Arboles S*A.(Spain), Mr.German companies Hettich, Hafele, Blum, Dreisol and others.

     When choosing laboratory furniture our professionals will find everything you need, in accordance with operating techniques, technical requirements, fire regulations security, principles of modern ergonomics. Laboratory furniture from enterprise "SpecMed" this top-quality products that have a variety of different characteristics. The most common of them:

* Ease antiseptic treatment;
* Durability of materials chemically resistant to many substances.
* Functional suitability and durability;
* Aesthetics and reliability.

Taking into account Your wishes, we can provide:

    * Optimal the choice of the working surfaces;
* Design and manufacture non-standard products;
* Development of computer design the product with regard to space design (3D modeling);
* Delivery, installation, connection;
* Warranty service;
* Provide certificates and hygienic conclusions on accessories.

      We welcome Your suggestions, recommendations, advice.