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Solar system with lights and phone charging Solar Home System, 4500 mAh

Offer type: salePublished: 31.03.2015
Price:749 UAH
Seller:Chernyisheva Elena
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv

In recent times seen interruptions in electricity. Sometimes it can cause trouble and inconvenience. To this did not happen, we offer to purchase a solar system.

This solar system Solar Home System is very convenient and practical to useand. This system will help You out in any conditions. Nher can be used at home, on the street, in the garage, cottage, etc.

The kitand S, o Home System includes two lamps, to illuminate the room or outdoor area in the night time. They connect to the charger cable, a length of 5 meters.

On the cable there is a button on. / inTcl. The lamp can include two or one. Using a long cable can set in a convenient location and at the correct height, and also distribute the room for lighting. The brightness of the bulbs is 25W.



- Ease of use

- Convenient to carry

- practicality

- Fits most phones

- Designed for indoor and outdoor use

- Bright light bulbs

The charger is easy to carry for through the strap. The device is easily turned on and off. The corps has the charge indicator device, and from the 4 connectors for solar panels, for two lamps to charge the phone.

The battery charge is indicated by three Saviwe indicatorAMI: when lit 3 light means the battery: 67-100%. When 2 indicators battery: 33-67%. If burns only 1 indicator, the charge is 10-33%.

To charge the device, use a solar battery. Place the panel in the sun. If You need to charge phone, solar system, Solar Home System is not a problem. The kit attached 4 adapter and You can charge most of mobile phones.

Features solar panels:

Maximum power (Pmax) 3W watt

Maximum power voltage (Vmp) 8,78 volts

Maximum power current (Imp) 0,34 amp

Voltage idling (Voc) 10, 98 volts

Current short circuit current (Isc) of 0.41 amps

Maximum system voltage (V) 1000 Volts DC

Sizes solar panel: 220 * 135 * 17 mm.

Working temperature -40 ~ + 85 ° C

STD. test mode AM 1.5, 1000 baht / m2, 25 ° C


Technical characteristics of the system:

Sizes charger: 160 * 110 * 60 mm.

Brightness light bulbs is 25W

Length cable: 5 m.

Length bulbs: 100mm.

Capacity battery: 4500 mAh


Package contents set:

- Solar battery

- Charger

- Lamp 2 PCs.

- 4 adapter for phones

- The Usb adapter.

- Manual eng. language.

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