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Horse liniment Refrigerating and Warming Pferdebalsam 500ml Germany

Offer type: salePublished: 31.03.2015
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Address:Ukraine, Zakarpattia Oblast, Berehove

Has sogrevajushhij with pepper and cooling. Cat loves you order any 1 ointment the price of 40 USD, if you Sakarya 1 heating and 1 cooling for the price thing will be 35 UAH
From 60 UAH 32


Balm cooling and warming, or Horse liniment.
Very effectively used for sports injuries, muscle pain and joints, sprains, bruises. He has a pronounced cooling and analgesic effect.

The tool is well known and effective. Many people have already tried what it is.

Method of use: apply onto the affected location, directly on the skin. Avoid contact with eyes or open wounds, in case of contact wash immediately with water.

Attention! This balm developed and used in konovaltseva. However, since its composition does not include non-specific for human medicines ingredients and contains the minimum amount of chemical additives (animals more sensitive to fragrances and additives, so the compositions, designed for animals, more forgiving with respect to chemical composition), it is successfully used to treat diseases of the joints, bruises and sprains people.

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