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Sell washing powder Praktik 10kg. - Gr.The Multicolor powder 10 kg.-gr

Offer type: salePublished: 31.03.2015
Price:106 UAH
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Sell praline powder Praktik 10kg. - Gr.Powder Multicolor 10 kg-HR,Washing powder Gallus 10 kg-HR, Original 10kg-gr.
Otpravleno W M. Rune on all terior of Ukraine(Nova Posta, ntim, delver, Autolux, mist Express).Payment by card private Bank, also otpravleno nalozenym delivery-predoplata(vartti delivery in your region).

Phosphate-free concentrated washing powder Praktik Express Color Powder the system is designed for ultra wash of color and white synthetic and cotton products at a temperature of 20-65 C. Is suitable for all types washing machines and for hand washing; - easily soluble in water; - has the color protection system; - Effectively removes stains and dirt, protecting color; Shows its properties already at 20 ° C, which gives the opportunity use the short wash program. Contains components to protect washing machine from limescale, so there is no need to use special a descaling solution, which directly affects the reliability of the machine. Contains oxygen bleach. Concentrates (or concentrated detergents funds) - one of their varieties powder (granular) detergents funds. They contain the same active substance, but in higher concentrations. The main differences concentrates from unconcentrated washing powders the following: 1. Concentrates contain 1.5-2 times more active chemical substances and minimal filler (sodium sulfate), therefore, the amount of concentrate on weight 1.5-2 times less than the flow rate of the unconcentrated powder. 2. The concentrates have a lower bulk density in contrast to the unconcentrated the powder. 3. Concentrates are expensive, but with the correct dosage cost washing does not exceed the cost of washing cheap unconcentrated powder.

Laundry detergent Original Plus ( EU production ) is as versatile powder and powder for washing separately white and colored Laundry.It extended formula OXIPower-gently removes stains from coffee, tomatoes, rust, blood, it does not injure tissue and leaves no unpleasant odor.Pellets Power Fresh will give Your Laundry fresh.It does not lead to allergies and is absolutely safe for your skin.It can be used for all types of washing machines, and Laundry manually.Erases at a temperature of from +30° C to +95° C.