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Tabletop Werzalit Turkey

Offer type: salePublished: 30.03.2015
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv

Tabletop Werzalit Turkey

The proposed dimensions D 600, D900, 800*800, 600*600, 700*700, 800*800, 1200*700

Werzalit specially developed material for the production of window sills and tabletops. Wood particle Board, impregnated with resin, is pressed under high pressure and at high temperature. Thanks to what is a monolithic solid material without seams and joints. Werzalit Table Tops, thanks to a plastic laminate, have a closed smooth surface, easy wash and meet hygienic requirements in the sphere of restaurant business. In this regard, Werzalit table tops indispensable both indoors and the open areas. Weatherproof, resistant to chemical, mechanical and thermal effects. Werzalit is shock-resistant, stable enough to the appearance of chips and scratches, the finish is very resistant to household jdktm cleaning agents. Versalite not afraid of moisture, cold and high temperature (can withstand the heat of a burning cigarette), not fade in the sun that makes it suitable for hardware outdoor summer playgrounds and also at off-season storage. The material does not contain any harmful impurities, formaldehyde and heavy metals. The method of lamination and fill the bottom surface resins (lack of joint coverage) will not allow the surface to flake in the impact of mold bacteria.

The sun, the rain, ash, acid and fat - resistance to these and other factors are especially important when use under the open sky. On the countertopsWERZALIT is left almost no trace, as they are practically not sensitive to mechanical, chemical and thermal influences. Smooth closed surface, pressed wood particle Board the material is easy to clean and meets all hygienic requirements in the field professional gastronomy. For outdoor areas, are particularly susceptible sunlight, we recommend you to buy countertops with light decors.