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Elite set decoration (Golden Lotus)

Offer type: salePublished: 31.03.2015
Price:5 000 UAH
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Address:Ukraine, Kharkivs'ka Oblast', Kharkiv

 Golden Lotus is an exclusive jewelry set handmade

from the master

Tatiana Bronnikova

The set consists of a bracelet and necklace.

The size of the bracelet:

- length: 15.5 cm;
- width: 7 cm

Size necklace:

- the length of the entire product with pendants and fringe: 30 cm;
- width: 16.5 cm;
- height: 12 cm

Material: Bohemian diamonds, Swarovski crystals, Japanese seed beads, Italian stones, lining of felt, decorative lock-twist in the pebbles.

Description: chic the kit is embroidered expensive and high quality materials, made in style Sumerian peoples. It was the Sumerians introduced in fashion fringe, which ever subsequently goes out of fashion. Also the Sumerians loved the saturation. In a rich set of "Golden Lotus" You can see a complete variety of rainbow hues that captivate your radiance rhinestone and Japanese beads.

Picturesque set of "Golden Lotus" - it's not just decoration, it is a work of art that carries the highest spirituality, emotions that transmits the master Tatiana Bronnikov.

A set of "Golden Lotus" by developed pre-sketch. All items were made by hand. Even through a few years it will not lose its original appearance, thanks to expensive high-quality materials from which it is made.
"Golden Lotus" is a unique kit that is made in one piece!

This is set to true admirers of beauty, art, and high quality products!

The Lotus is a symbol of life, of happiness, of purity, chastity, disclosure of himself.

Unlock your potential Goddess with Goddess jewelry style!

Lovely ladies! We wish You to be unique, luxurious and exclusive jewelry from Goddess Style masters jewelry-Tatiana Bronnikova !