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static Converter, economizer, energy saving

Offer type: salePublished: 31.03.2015
Price:320 UAH
Seller:Paschenko Oleg
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"AIR PURIFICATION ENERGY SAVER" is an intelligent electronic power-saving device, allowing any consumer
electricity saving from 10 to 30% of the monthly cost of electricity.
Maximum useful load is 30 kW.
• Lowers Your monthly energy bill by 10% to 30%;
• Rapidly absorbs and releases an inductive load;
• Eliminates the currents of higher harmonics in the phase wires, including the neutral wire;
• Reduces heating wiring, reduces electrical losses;
• Prevents damage to the electrical equipment due to power surges;
• Fully complies with safety standards;
• Cleans the air, removes smoke and odor;
• Removes harmful substances from the air;
• Saturates the air with active oxygen molecules;
• Maximum payload of up to 30 kW;
• Recoup their investment for 3-6 months;
The average lifespan of 10 years.
For rational use of electricity is required to ensure cost-effective ways of transmission, distribution and consumption
with minimal losses. For this it is necessary to exclude from electrical networks are all factors that can cause losses.
One of them is the phase lag of the current flowing from the voltage when the inductive load, as the load in the
industrial and domestic power grids are usually active-inductive in nature.
Active energy is converted into useful mechanical, thermal energy, etc.. Reactive energy is not related to performing
useful work, and is spent for creation of magnetic fields and creates an additional load on mains power, because she
is distributed over the network, not scattered in active elements, and oscillatory movements of the load to the generator and back.
The share of consumption of reactive power in the network, depending on the type of the payload, can be from 10 to 50% of full
the load current. These 10 - 50% more energy You can save, because the reactive power along with active power is taken into account
the electricity supplier and shall be charged at current rates.
Also, in networks often have voltage pulses with amplitude up to 12,000 Volts. These pulses have a switching and lightning
origin. These pulses pass through the network to You and lead to failure of expensive industrial, domestic
appliances and electronics.
One of the main ways to conserve energy and improve the efficiency of appliances and electrical installations is with
reduces the consumption of network reactive power while improving the quality of electricity directly into Your network.
Savings of electricity in different types of equipment and systems
• lighting system with electromagnetic ballasts 15 - 18%
• permanently or temporarily working heating equipment 10 - 16%
• refrigerators, freezers and refrigeration equipment, compressors 8 - 18%
• kitchen appliances, coffee makers, kettles, toasters, microwave ovens 8 - 15%
• air conditioning and ventilation equipment 5 - 15%
• electronic and computer equipment, including lighting systems with electronic ballasts 1 - 5%.
Attention! The absolute legality of use!
Installation of static converters absolutely legal, does not make any changes to an existing electrical circuit.
The device is installed after the electric meter that does not require approval of the electricity grid.
The device AR-003 certified!