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Winter discounts in Milan

Offer type: servicesPublished: 04.10.2013
Seller:Shatskaya Alesya
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First Saturday 2015 - the beginning of a Grand winter sale in Milan. Shopping-attendant will assist you with huge time savings buy shopping needs. If You have been able to go around and try on clothes in a few boutiques, shopping accompanied by the number of points and peremetnyh things desaturase
No need to go into a country outlets, so buy clothes by surprise-affordable prices.
In between-discount period not too much to look at fashion this season, cat. there is no outlet, but only in Milan (the outlet is fashion of last season. Especially well-known and loved the outlets in the period of discounts). Don't forget that buy Sani (i.e. coat:-)) in the summer.
Large (up to 80) and "long" sizes of clothes and shoes also in Milan.
In addition to the "Golden square", in Milan there is a street with shops for young people, and there - with reasonable prices...
There are several levels of Department stores (the "high" fashion "Rinashente", a good level in the coin clothes easier - in "Uptime"). Brand of clothing belong to different levels. Never brand stylist one level may not appear in another Department store. Differentiation and selection very clear.
My advice to You: don't be afraid to go into the "expensive" stores in Milan with shopping escort!