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"MINIGRAF 44" the machine is designed for fastening parts RAM..!

Offer type: salePublished: 31.03.2015
Price:31 000 UAH
Company:Alfamacchine Ukraine
Seller:Tislyuk Andrij
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"MINIGRAF 44" - this machine is mainly designed for bonding of parts of the frame, medium and large sizes when working in the Studio, when the need for frequent and fast change the desktop size in small working space.

The machine is equipped with a floor stand, which can be used to change the position of the working surface is horizontally or at an angle, this allows the operator to work from the front or from behind. "MINIGRAF 44" is provided with a feeder of V-shaped brackets mounted on a moving carriage, which is manually operated by the operator, and which is easily recharged even when operating in an inclined position with a baguette of any profile, it allows you to quickly place the V-brackets to the desired position.