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New envelopes on the sheepskin from the manufacturer, sale.

Offer type: salePublished: 25.09.2018
Price:205 UAH
Company:Magazin "BABY"
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Address:Ukraine, Kharkivs'ka Oblast', Kharkiv

Promotion! Envelope winter "Baby" in the stroller, sled, 4-in-1.
Opt - 205 UAH/piece.
Retail - 239 UAH. /piece
Proven quality.
Only positive feedback from our customers.
Hurry. Envelopes limited number
We offer You an indispensable thing for your baby from birth to 10 years.
The envelope is designed for temperatures down to -25 degrees.
Your toddler will not freeze even in the severe cold.
The envelope is "4 in 1" can be used in four ways:
- on discharge from the hospital in winter;
cover the stroller from 0 to 3 years;
case in sleds from 2 years to 10 years;
- warm blanket on the sheepskin.
The advantages of the envelope:
- system is provided, through which the envelope is tightened from above and the wind won't blow out Your child.
- will last You many years and you will be just an indispensable thing in the winter time
Size: 90 by 48 cm
Production: Ukraine, TM "Baby"
Outer fabric: water repellent, windproof rainwear fabric, made in Poland
Fur: printed sheepskin, the production of Austria, hypoallergenic material that retains heat very well.
Insulation: thermafiber, eco-friendly material, has excellent conductivity.
Tel.: (096) 903-85-17, (093) 280-68-28, (095) 945-72-57. Manager.
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