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Knife set Contour Pro + magnetic rack as a gift+ Opener 8 in 1 Kitchen CanDo

Offer type: salePublished: 05.09.2015
Price:449 UAH
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Kitchen knife set of Rear Pro Contour Pro Knives) - the perfect gift. Professional kitchen knives Counter Pro Contour Pro Knives) will serve the owner for many years.

The knife steak - knife of medium size with strong hard and very sharp blade that widens at the base and abruptly narrowed to a pointed tip. Has a raised edge and a substantially curved cutting edge that allows the knife to penetrate into the most inaccessible places. Narrow blade prevents sticking of the product to the blade of a knife. This knife is not only used for cooking steak, but also for handling any kind of meat.

The knife loin - this is the longest knife that is thin and very flexible blade. It is designed for cutting fillets, smooth cutting thin slices of meat and fish. You can make a uniform cut of the flick of a knife with a long blade. Due to the flexibility and thinness of the blade can easily snackage, film, and also lived or to separate the fillets from the bones.

Pocket knife - a favorite than of all Housewives. It is very similar in shape to cook, but shorter and slightly narrower. Useful when cutting salad, sausage, cheese, onions, bread, and almost everything that is there in the kitchen.

The knife chopping - it has a wide heavy thick blade with a sharp edge that enables you to effortlessly handle even the most solid portions of the processed product. This knife is designed for chopping meat and need to process or cut large pieces of frozen meat or meat with bones.

Knife for cleaning and cutting vegetables is a versatile knife, it is suitable for slicing of onion, onions, greens, and cleaning and cutting vegetables. Thanks to a sharp edge of the blade can precisely control the depth of the notch when decoding, cleaning, scarring and cutting cubes products.

Scissors is required for the processing of ready chicken, rabbit and duck. High-quality kitchen scissors - the perfect complement to quality knives.

Equipment professional kitchen knife set Counter Pro Contour Pro Knives):

Utility knife - 1 PC.

The knife chopping - 1 PC.

Knife for cutting chicken fillet - 1 PC.

Cutter - 1 PC.

Knife for cleaning products - 1 PC.

Scissors - 1 PCs.

The knife for steaks - 4 pieces

When buying a kitchen knife set Counter Pro Contour Pro Knives) You get a Magnetic rack Holder Contour Pro as a GIFT! ! Yes - this means You get a Magnetic rack Holder Contour Pro absolutely for FREE! ! !

Magnetic rail mount holder for knives. Attaches easily to Your kitchen wall with two screws.

The advantages of magnetic rails are simply staggering:

Easy prodiraetsya.

Does not accumulate water.

Resistant to rossiani

You can always easily find the right knife, you can just place them in a convenient order.

You motersport their own favorite knives too.

So little space knives, never occupied.




Knife set

The number of items in the set


Blade material

Stainless steel

Handle material


Sharpening blades


Suitable for washing in a dishwasher


Stand type

Table and pendant

Manufacturer country





Opener 8 in 1 Kitchen CanDo

To buy a can opener 8 in 1 Kitchen CanDo - handle open any cans and bottles of whatever material they were made. Can opener 8 in 1 Kitchen CanDo is a very convenient universal mechanical can opener to open any cans.Opens glass and cans, is easy to cope with different tubes, including with plastmassovyy.

Feature tin opener Kitchen CanDo is its ability to open jars, leaving sharp edges. We all have been injured on a metal notch That leaves a conventional can opener, Kitchen CanDo can forget about it. Kitchen CanDo relevant Not only in the home kitchen, but in field conditions where light weight and convenience items.

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