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Furniture tour to China!

Offer type: servicesPublished: 25.09.2014
Seller:Mebel'nyij Dom GRANAT Tat'yana
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Address:Russian Federation, Novosibirskaya Oblast'
Company Furniture house "GRENADE" furniture offers tours in Guangzhou.
Today China is the largest furniture manufacturer in the world. Now here, not in Italy employs the best designers. Chinese manufacturers are available all styles, different colors, any equipment and the best materials.
Furniture & accessories, plumbing, construction and finishing materials, lighting, textiles, utensils, everything you need for Your apartment or a country house, bar or hotel, on the Russian market supply of China. Now You have the opportunity to buy directly from manufacturers.
Furniture tours in China - our specialty!
We will provide all the stages of Your journey in China: from the issuing visas, booking hotels and tickets in China before the consolidation, shipment and customs clearance in Russia. You or Your designer need only to arrive and to choose, we will do the rest for You.
You will be accompanied by an experienced interpreter, Russians, fluent in Chinese and perfectly oriented in the furniture area. Furniture house "GRENADE" only offers individual tours. You will not be rushed, You don't have to wait.
Furniture tours in China with MD "GARNET" is Your best option!
Arrive to us in China - save 500%!