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The window lock, sash lock, window from children, a security lock on the window 25 Austria reviews parents

Offer type: salePublished: 31.03.2015
Price:200 UAH
Seller:Hajretdinova Elena
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv
It's no secret that children from 2 years of age can turn the handle and to open the plastic window. Therefore, manufacturers of Windows is very recommended to put baby locks for the safety of children 1-10 years.


The advantages of the lock window:


1) Lock metal, weight 200g.

2) the Latch on the spring, the window will not open, even if you forget to lock.

3) On a spring specials. Pasta-protection against galling, rust, etc.

4) manufacturer's Warranty Austria 10 years!

5) only Blocks the opening of the window.

6) What would put the sash on the airing of 45 degrees or the winter - no need to open the lock! This is a unique advantage over other locks!

7) All locks are opened by one key - convenient if you have many Windows.

8) Can be set independently.

9) Protection against external hacking, lock screw in the screws, pull out it will not work - only to Unscrew.


10) I Recommend the video work of the lock on the window:

  11) Install the lock :

In Kiev it is possible to install the wizard, Ukraine shipment + the installation video.

Let's do the Windows are safe for your kids!


(063)4612646, (044)2225947 Lena

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