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Phoebe Furby Elf

Offer type: salePublished: 31.03.2015
Price:400 UAH
Seller:Timchenko Sergej
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Interactive Furby toy is new this year!!! Furby can talk to you, but when you talk to Furby needs to look in his beautiful eyes, and than you will be closer, the easier it will be to understand your words! The Furby has its own language "Ferber/Furbish", but you can also teach him Russian words. If you tickle Furby, it will be a loud laugh and roll his eyes! Furby really likes to throw up, stroking, shaking, and he loves to dance to any music! Each toy is different quality of materials Assembly, and passes major test at all stages of manufacture, as these are the main principles for the largest toy manufacturer in the world - company HASBRO. Safety of goods is one of its main principles. Empire HASBRO is one of the leading manufacturers of toys and presents in more than 75 countries. Delivery to Ukraine 30 days, then send New mail.