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Buy Furby Boom in Ukraine the original Furby Boom, Furby Hasbro interactive toy for children

Offer type: salePublished: 31.03.2015
Price:1 000 UAH
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Address:Ukraine, Dnipropetrovska Oblast', Kryvyi Rih

1. Furby Boom - unique interactive toy that conquered the American and European market, which in delight not only children but also adults.
2. Furby Boom is a full alternative pet, which need not be removed and which do not need to walk. Spent time with him will deliver only a joyful experience.
3. Toy can interact with the app for Android and iOS. In applications pet can play football, have fun and even reproduce.
4. Furby Boom - an indispensable thing in the beginning learning English and Russian languages. Develops thinking, ingenuity and communication skills of the child.
5. The toy is safe for the health of children. All the materials from which it is made, have certificates of quality and hygiene. With them Your child is not in danger.
6. Furby Boom is able to learn. In the process development takes a unique view of nature. Contributes to the development responsibility in the child.
7. Due to continuous development Furby Boom long will not bother Your child. He can sing, dance to any music, to talk and enjoy with your child.

Why have we got?

-Here You can choose all toys available colors .
-We will deliver Your order free of charge at the warehouse New mail in Your city.
You pay for the goods upon receipt of such way relieve yourself from the risks and troubles.
-We offer a guarantee on toys 3 months .
-We give 1 set of batteries,so that You enjoy Your new friend.
-Buying a Furby Boom, You get a unique interactive toy that conquered the American and European market, which love will not only children but also adults.


Why now?

 Only for 5 days when buying a Furby Boom, You get a 10% discount and another set of batteries as a gift!


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