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Bulk candles, decoration candles, wedding candles.

Offer type: salePublished: 31.03.2015
Price:79 UAH
Seller:Belkina Elena
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Bulk candle - a candle, consisting of three elements - wax, wick and the bulb.
1. Granulated palm wax is a natural product derived from the leaves of palm trees. Microbeads white color, when combustion does not emit any smoke or smell.
2. Wick - high-quality German wick impregnated with a special compound.
3. The bulb - glass plate (vase, capacity) of various diameters and heights.
How to make and light a sand candle?
Do you need to do three easy steps:
1. Take the flask and pour any amount of wax.
2. Insert Patil
3. To light a candle.
• Low cost: the cost savings of using bulk candles from 50% compared to paraffin candles.
• Free form: easily transformed into any shape and size.Give a chic and uniqueness to the room.
• Do not spread during combustion: not gutter and do not deform when heated. They always look like new.
• "Pure fire": an environmentally friendly product that does not emit smoke and smell. You can use indoors.
• Burns for a long time: the melting point of bulk candles from 68°C, so it burns three times longer than paraffin.
• Easy to store: Packed in bags, and can easily be stored without fear of ruin or scratch as paraffin. Take up minimal space.
• Create quick and easy: it is enough to take a suitable container, fill it with wax pellets and paste one or more wicks.
• Candle can be used many times: put out the candle - removed solidified wax - light fresh wax - got a new candle.
• Does not go out in the wind: you can use outdoors. Absolutely fireproof.
Wholesale PRICES
To calculate the cost of Your candle:
1. Select flask:
h100 d100 mm - UAH 59
h200 d110 mm - 79 UAH
h265 d110 mm - 99 UAH
h315 d120 mm - 129 UAH
h380 d120 mm - 149 UAH
h470 d120 mm - 199 UAH
2. Decide the amount of wax to be poured into the container:
1 kg of wax - 79 UAH
3. Add the required number of wicks:
10 meters - 79 UAH

The company is focused on wholesale supply of products for restaurant and hotel business.