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Trap Desar cockroaches and ants

Offer type: salePublished: 31.03.2015
Price:35 UAH
Seller:Som Yura
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv
Trap Desar a Clean Home is a convenient means of long-acting cockroaches and ants, odorless
Insecticidal trap - a handy tool for long periods. The lure is inside a plastic container, so inaccessible to Pets. With adhesive tape (included) the trap can be placed on any surface.
Open the package "Clean House" and remove traps.
Place in public places or dwelling cockroaches (about skirting, plumbing, heating and sewer pipes, under cabinets, sinks, behind refrigerators, stoves, shelves, around the toilet, etc.) on horizontal and vertical surfaces using adhesive tape.
To destroy ants traps "Clean House" put in their places of accumulation or intense movement ("track").
The consumption rate of 6 traps "Clean House" on an area of 15 sqm With a large number of insects the rate of flow can be increased to 12-15 traps "Clean House" on an area of 15 sqm
Trap "Clean House" can be left for 1-2 months. The first dead insects appear on the 1st day; mass death note for 2-3 days. Dead insects should be collected periodically and discharge into drains or burn.
To prevent cockroaches replace traps "Clean House" every 2 months. When using traps "Clean House" is not recommended to apply an aerosol insecticide funds. The trap of "Clean House" to use immediately after the liberation from the packaging.
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