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mpg-boost fuel economy up to 35 %

Offer type: salePublished: 31.03.2015
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MPG-BOOST fuel savings of up to 35 %CATALYSTS BURNING MPG-BOOST™ is an organic substance, affecting the combustion process (oxidation) of fuels, belong to a separate, independent class fuel additives and are designed to increase the speed and completeness of combustion of the fuel mixture in the engines of modern cars. 1 bottle of MPG-BOOST contains 236 ml the concentrate.
Is added to gasoline or diesel or gas according to dosages:
gasoline : From 1 ml to 0.5 ml. (per 10 gallons of fuel ) computing a maximum fuel economy. Diesel:1.3 ml to 0.8 ml. (per 10 gallons of fuel ) computing a maximum fuel economy.
Gas:From 1 ml to 0.5 ml. (per 10 gallons of fuel ) computing a maximum fuel economy.
The transition from 95 to 92 gasoline
designed for use in motors:
(a)cars and trucks
(b)Motorcycles and motor boats
c)Aircraft and helicopters
(d)Generators, chainsaws, and other similar equipment
The result of combustion catalysts MPG-BOOST™ is:
1.The improvement of environmental performance engines, due to more complete combustion of the fuel (reduction of harmful emissions CO, CH and NxO in the exhaust gases by 60-90%;
2.Reducing specific fuel consumption by 7-14% (official data of the company); the actual data in Ukraine depending on the type engine: the city of 10-20% / track 15-35%;
3.Protection of the fuel system, engine and the catalytic Converter from low-quality fuel;
4.Cleaning the combustion chamber, valves, spark, injectors and exhaust-gas tract of a Deposit;
5.The improved acceleration dynamics of the car by increasing the capacity and efficiency of the engine;
6.Reduction of thermal and mechanical strength of the engine and valves;
7.Reduced wear and increased service life engine; reducing the noise of the engine;
8.The increase in turnaround periods of the engine.

For example :
1ml. designed for 10 liters of fuel.
To 1 ml. You save 20-30 USD.
If you take 236 ml and multiply even at 20 UAH./1ml.savings = 4700 USD.- You saved !!!
The cost of a vial of 300 USD.

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