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the sponge that cleans all

Offer type: salePublished: 31.03.2015
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Super sponge that cleans all

Thanks the special structure dampened sponge removes dirt and absorb it. Sponge ber

foreign cleanse the dirt from hard surfaces even ink permanent marker, leaving marks, smudges and scratches.
The basic qualities and dignity.

- High cleaning power.
- Absorbs moisture.
- Foam structure.

Sponge wipes children's drawings, traces pencils and markers, inks, stains, stains from the floor, walls, Windows, mirrors, doors, different interior and appliances, removes dirt, lime, soap stains in the bathroom and carefully cleans any surface.

Be sure to water before use and gently press. Folding the sponge between the palms.

When wiping is necessary to RUB the corner of the sponge , so sponge will last much longer. When pollution sponge structure changes the surface - it loses the property of the active cleaning and becomes brittle.

When you use a sponge to decrease in sizes and erased.

So if You're using it as an eraser (ie. rubbing area) it will fade, but if you RUB the entire surface, it will be crumble.

If contamination is small, it is recommended to use the entire sponge and cut only a part and use it.

Do not use the sponge for surfaces that will come into contact with food .


Due to the special structure moistened with water sponge captures dirt and absorb it. Without the efforts and application khimicheskikh funds carefully cleanse leather furniture, salon a / m, parquet, laminate flooring, tile, any surface of glass, mirrors, ceramics, steel, aluminum, wood, plastic,chrome, and various home furnishings and appliances not leaving stains and scratches.

Sponge size 6*2*10 cm.
Minimum order of 10 pieces !!!
The cost of 5 USD/piece
When ordering 100 pieces - 3 USD/PCs.
For orders of 500 pieces - 1 USD / PCs.
Sell in Kiev sent throughout Ukraine.

(063)138-44-72, (067)738-85-70