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The latch of the window comb

Offer type: salePublished: 31.03.2015
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The latch of the window comb

Cool time of year, especially in winter, a shutter plastic window, not equipped with a system adjustable ventilation, cannot be left open all night, as due to the strong reduction of the temperature can be quite seriously cold. But in unventilated room to sleep agree pretty hard, and sleep it is almost impossible.

To help in this situation can establish on the window system adjustable ventilation. The establishment of the comb will allow to create a conducive and comfortable environment in the room, the most, freeing you from worry for his health.

Window hardware, called a comb for his the similarity with one of the varieties of combs, due to its "teeth-combs" allows you to adjust the distance that opens the window sash in the interval from 10 to 80 mm. Due to simplicity, low cost and high result, this the way that the ventilation is one of the most common. Fixed window sash in one of the possible options, allows you to easily maintain the flow of fresh air into the room through the lumen between the slightly opened sash and frame at any time of day and year.

The cost of the kit 50 UAH.
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