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the rice flour.

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Applications of rice flour: baby and diet food ( in production quickly brew cereals and vegetable canning); production of canned meat, pates, sausages, sausages, minced meat; production of cheese, mayonnaise, boiled condensed milk, yogurt, sauces, ketchups; manufacture of bakery, confectionery, pasta, wood pellets
( chips ); the production of canned fish, meatballs, herring oil. Breading: rice flour as the best remedy for dry breading chicken, fish, vegetables and potato cutlets.
Using rice flour in the production of sausage products, the replacement of native and chemically modified starches that exceed its cost, reduce thermal losses and increase the output of finished products. In the dairy industry rice flour can be used as an effective thickener prevents separation after mixing. Adding rice flour to the low grades of wheat flour obtained products lighter shades, which makes actual use rice flour in many recipes pastry. In the production of pasta rice flour is used to strengthen the structure of macaroni products. In the manufacture of products of processing of fishery products in the case when the free moisture content in fish products is not desirable and is required to strengthen the relationship between its components offered in the fish raw material to introduce a Supplement of rice flour.
It is worth noting that the manufacturers on the basis of rice flour has the ability to produce a variety of products in the bakery, meat or milk production, in the production of pasta, sauces, ketchups, mayonnaises and even ice cream.