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Metal cabinets from Vietnam at great prices.

Offer type: salePublished: 30.03.2015
Price:2 968 UAH
Company:Aziya Svit
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Address:Ukraine, Odessa oblast', Odesa

Models of archival cabinets and cabinets with different number of bins used for storage of forms and documents small formats A5, A4, passports, work books, etc., a Variety of dimensions will allow You to choose the option for Your space. The design, quality and ease of handling. Our cabinets will be indispensable helpers in home or office! Universal stylish filing cabinets noble gray shades seamlessly fit into Your office or home interior, securely storing documents and things.
Types of cabinets:
CAT2F-Cabinet for file and folder 2 box dimensions: 460(W),620(depth),735(height) and the price-gr.(2nd picture)
CAT7F-Cabinet for files with 7 boxes of size-370(width),457(depth),735(height) and the price-gr.(3rd picture)
CAT10F-Cabinet for files on 10 boxes of size-368(width),457(depth),940(height) and the price-gr.(3rd picture)
CAT15F-Cabinet for files 15 boxes of size-368(width),457(depth),1320(height) and the price-gr.(3rd picture)
CAT06A-A5-double wardrobe with 1 lock and 4 shelves with dimensions-920(W),460(depth),1830(height) and the price-gr.(4th picture)
CAT07S-A8-double wardrobe with door-compartment,1 lock and 4 shelves with size-915(width),457(depth),1830(height) and the price-gr.(5th picture)
CAT09B-double wardrobe with 1 lock and 3 shelves dimensions-914(width),457(depth),1830(height) and the price-gr.(4th picture)
CAT09B26-double wardrobe with 1 lock and 4 shelves with dimensions-914(width)457(depth),1830(height) and the price-gr.(4th picture)
CAT09-K2-double wardrobe with 2 locks with size-1000(width),500(depth),1830(height) and the price-gr.(1st picture)
CAT88G archives locker with glass,size-880(width),407(depth),880(height) and
price-gr.(6th picture)
CAT88S-archive Cabinet with steel door size-880(width),407(depth),880(height) and
price-gr.(7th picture)
CAT88-7D-archive Cabinet with 7 drawers and built-in safe,size-880(width),407(depth),880(height) and
price-gr.(8th picture)
CAT118G archives locker with glass,size-1185(width),407(depth),880(height) and
price-gr.(6th picture)
CAT118-7D-archive Cabinet with 7 drawers and 2 built-in safes,sizes-1185(width),407(depth),880(height) and the price-gr.(9th picture)
CAT118-12D-archive Cabinet with 12 drawers ,dimensions-1185(width),407(depth),880(height) and the price-gr. (10th picture)