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Powder for washing and disinfection of dishes, vegetables and fruits PropolisPlusBaby.

Offer type: salePublished: 07.08.2020
Price:90 UAH
Seller:Igor' Olegovich
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Address:Ukraine, Kharkivs'ka Oblast', Kharkiv

Powder for washing and disinfecting utensils

vegetables and fruit PropolisPlusBaby.

Trend ekoprodukt from the manufacturer.


Used to:

- cleaning and disinfection of tableware and cookware for the whole family

- washing and disinfecting of vegetables and fruits.


On Made from 100% food ingredients!

- safe for health of children and adults

- thoroughly cleans and disinfects, even in cold water

- contains no surfactants, dyes, foams,

- easily washed off with water without leaving a film

- economical in use and consumption of clean water,

- wash vegetables and fruits dirt, pests and chemicals,

- does not irritate and does not dry the skin.


Patented technology and ingredients:

mustard powder, baking soda, horsetail, biologically active components of propolis.

Developed and manufactured with Care for the health of Your child and Your family!

Time storage for 2 years. Packaging 500 ml Box of 20 PCs.


To learn more, to sign a Contract and to place an order You can call: 097-234-8055, 099-234-2107 Igor Olegovich,

Sales Department of OOO "Pcheloprodukty", Kharkov.