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To buy machines, tools and equipment for welding

Offer type: salePublished: 04.08.2020
Price:3 600 $
Company:Chumachenko Leonid
Seller:Chumachenko Leonid
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Company-manufacturer's representative OCEAN TECHNOLOGY INT'l LIMITED engaged in manufacturing of welding equipment TOPLINK, offers to buy in Ukraine at an affordable price, the machines and tools: • for welding; • for mounting and sealing the joints; • soldering awning, roofing and banner PVC fabric; • for welding of waterproofing coatings and roofing membranes. Welding units that you can buy in our company, are widely used in the construction of tunnels, waterproofing of mines, landfills, swimming pools, ponds for breeding fish, waterproofing under green roofs, industrial facilities, septic tanks, storage, oil pits, foundations, tanks. And this tool is applied when the overlap welding with hot air, awning, roofing and banner PVC-fabrics in the production of flat roofs, car tents, pavilions, tents, banners, etc. The fundamental principles of our work — high quality products, service, warranty and post-warranty service. Additional information on the website