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Buying Antiques and collectibles

Offer type: buyPublished: 02.08.2020
Seller:Yurij Yurij
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Buying/selling personal collectibles Antiques:

signs honors, qualification, different icons;

- decorations, medals, badges;

documents to the signs and badges, rewards; certificates, of gratitude;

- Royal coins, coins of the times of the USSR, commemorative coins Ukraine and other States;

- bonds (paper money), sports lottery tickets, bonds, postcards, pocket calendars, matchbox labels;

- products made of bronze, brass, cast iron;

- statuettes;

- amber (brooches, necklaces, etc.), jewelry, silverware, jewelry;

- military uniforms, insignia, epaulettes, chevrons etc. paraphernalia;

- samovar, Cup holders, cigarette cases, table calendars;

- wrist watches table, wall;

- lenses, cameras;

and more.....

The purchase is made on favourable terms subject to privacy.