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Handbook of physics. I. Dubrovsky, Boris Yegorov, Carl Riaboshapka. 560с. The publishing house Naukova Dumka. (the book is in Odessa)

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Address:Ukraine, Odessa oblast', Odesa
Handbook of physics

year of manufacture 1986
Safety Good
The Authors I. Dubrovsky, Boris Yegorov, Carl Ryaboshapka
The format of the publication 130х200 mm (medium format)
Number of pages 560
Circulation 55500
Binding Hard cover
The language of publication is Russian
Edition type edition

A brief description outlines the concepts and laws of physics, describes the main physical

processes and phenomena. In addition to materials of the expanded programme for physics for secondary

education institutions included sections on General physics for high schools. Reflected

the main achievements of modern physics. Fundamentals of classical and quantum

mechanics, relativity, thermodynamics, statistical physics, optics,

electrodynamics, theory of oscillations, atomic and nuclear physics and quantum theory

solids. the mathematical apparatus Used in the scope of middle school program,

including the elements of differential and integral calculus. The table

basic physical quantities and units of their measurements. For engineers, designers,

researchers, teachers and students in secondary and higher educational institutions, and

all those wishing to update knowledge in physics.

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