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Sports corner for girls from the age of 3 (full set)

Offer type: salePublished: 16.08.2018
Price:3 312 UAH
Company:Internet magazin "Neposeda"
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv
Children's sports area for GIRLS from 3 years.

Wooden top fixed bar hinged baby turnichok, a Board-slide and rope set.

This children's sports area will help to align your posture, strengthen your back and Pres, to tone the entire muscular system. Includes a set of game elements !



Our consultants will help You to find and to determine the date of delivery. The consultant can also check the product availability in the warehouse of the self.

The composition of the sports area:

* the Swedish wall with the top horizontal bar,
* a rope set (rings, rope, trapeze, rope ladder),
* the horizontal bar is detachable, kids,
* Board wood for back and abdominal.

Overall dimensions of the sports area:

  • height - 210/240cm,
  • width: wall bars - 80cm, top bar - 87cm;
  • protrusion of the upper horizontal bar forward - 60cm;
  • the number of rungs on the monkey bars - 9/10pcs, on the top bar - 2pcs;
  • the length of the Board for press - 152/180/235см, width - 30cm.

Do not exceed the following loads:

  • crossbar: the Swedish wall and the upper horizontal bar - 120kg,
  • children's hinged horizontal bar - 50kg,
  • Board for back and abdominal 152cm - 40kg,
  • Board for back and abdominal 180/235см - 100kg.

Typically, kids can do when the set comes the horizontal bar (which is adjustable to any bar), Boxing set, gym Mat and a basketball basket.

Using such Materials:

  • sidewall: the Swedish wall and a horizontal bar - a pine
  • slats: beech
  • rings are turned from strong waterproof plywood,
  • Board for back and abdominal 152cm - plywood with a thickness of 15mm,
  • rope (diameter 22mm) - cotton.

Delivery time is 2-6 business days.

Warranty - 12 months from the date of delivery.

Manufacture - Ukraine.

Delivery and installation in Kiev - to be paid separately.

It is possible to send across Ukraine companies.

Payment: You can pay for the goods upon receipt, or by 100% prepayment. Your choice!

Sports area to buy
Sports corner at home the best way to strengthen your child's body. It is no secret that children who exercise on the corners, not only in the kindergarten or school, and home and show much better results. So it makes sense to buy a sports area for your baby.

If you are going to do with child physical exercise in its sports area, we will contribute to strengthening of muscles of the child and will protect him from scoliosis, which is especially important when your baby is starting school. Regular classes in a sitting position bad for the spine in children, and games and activities at the sports area will help to avoid this problem.