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Insecticidal grenade "silent night"

Offer type: salePublished: 15.08.2018
Company:OOO 'KRIG'
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Address:Ukraine, Dnipropetrovska Oblast', Dnipropetrovsk

  Smoke bomb insect “knockdown effect”. Has no analogues! Protected by international patent.

  The SWORD is made of wax smoke compositions which do not contain highly toxic and carcinogenic substances (dioxins and benzopyrene).
The uniqueness checkers:
  1. Unlike other previously used pieces, the Active Ingredient (Permethrin) is not in the zone of direct combustion of pyrotechnic composition and does not decompose under high temperatures. This explains why so powerful insecticidal effect.
  2. Low body temperature checkers.
  3. Fire safety. No open fire burning in the smoke. The combustion of the pyrotechnic composition checkers going on inside, the outside comes only insecticide smoke.
  4. In the piece pre-mounted igniter element that makes running the checkers are fast and safe.
  5. Burning lasts 4-6 minutes. But one piece fills insecticidal fog high density of at least 1,000 m3
The main advantages of the drug:
  • Collective means of destroying the bloodsuckers and parasites.
  • A significant area free from bloodsuckers and parasites (effective 1ed. outdoor space - 300 m2 ).
  • Quick result of applying (the knockdown effect of the drug).
  • Mobility and autonomy.
  • Clear skin from ointments and repellents.
  • The simplicity and safety of use.
  • The lack of analogues in the domestic and professional market.
  • The versatility of the drug - flies, mosquitoes, bedbugs and other vermin...
  • A wide range of applications – in nature, in technical and residential areas, greenhouses, greenhouses and storage facilities, livestock farm economy...
  • Single episodic use (no need to reside in the cloud of the drug...)
  • Fire safety when using indoor and outdoors.
Main consumers:

- Hunters and anglers;
- Gardeners lovers (processing greenhouses and fumigation of fruit trees);
Amateurs of active rest on the nature;
Professionals offering services in destruction of insects;
Condominiums and other housing offices (independent controlling mosquitoes and fleas in the basements).

This tool has an acute insecticidal action against:

  • imago (adult) of different types of mosquitoes - Aedes communis, Culex pipiens pipiens, Culex pipiens molestus, Culex pipiens modestus;
  • the complex midges (gnats, horseflies, midges, etc.);
  • cockroaches, bedbugs, fleas, moths, ants, moth flies, rat mites.

Period of protective action:

- indoors, 14 days

- open space - 3 days

In the parameters of acute toxicity when injected into the stomach and applied to the skin, the funds belong to the 4th class of low-dangerous substances in accordance with GOST 12.1.007-76. Smoke composition in the recommended mode of application in the area of acute biocidal effect refers to class 3 of moderately hazardous substances in accordance with the Classification of the degree of danger means of pest control. The agent has sensitizing and irritating effects on the skin. Upon contact with the mucous membranes of the eyes having moderate to marked irritation.


The female mosquito lays up to 280 eggs every 2-3 days.

Three checkers enough to destroy a whole population of mosquitoes. Use the checker every 5 days:

The first bomb destroys those who have already hatched and laid eggs.
The second piece maintains the concentration of permethrin in the air, so hatched mosquitoes from dying, not having time to lay eggs.
The third piece control, killing the remaining individuals. Mosquitoes don't have time to be born, and when born — immediately perish.

After three permethrinum draughts, until the end of summer mosquitoes in the area will be significantly less, especially if near a forest or pond.

Importer in Ukraine - LLC "KRIEG".