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Bromadiolone 0.25% of

Offer type: salePublished: 15.08.2018
Price:450 UAH
Company:OOO 'KRIG'
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Address:Ukraine, Dnipropetrovska Oblast', Dnipropetrovsk

 Concentrate for preparation of poison baits.

  Red liquid, practically odorless.

The slow action rodenticide – anticoagulant 2nd generation.

Intended for the preparation of poisoned baits on a variety of food-based used to destroy rodents (house mouse and the field mouse, gray and black rats) on the various facilities and undeveloped territory.

Contains in its composition bitterness (bitrex) and a dye, giving the finished bait a pink color, which prevents its use by people and non-target species.

Practically do not possess time repellence properties and allows the use of poisoned baits prepared without pre-baiting rodents. The death of rodents after consumption of bait, cooked on the drug "Bromadiolone 0.25% of", occurs within 3-14 days.

Concentrate "Bromadiolone 0.25 percent" is intended for use by professional personnel.

For the preparation of poisoned baits "Bromadiolone" is mixed with different types of food bases and attractants based 20gr of product per 1 kg of bait (content of the product appears in the finished bait of 0.005%).

Shelf life - 24 months.

Importer in Ukraine - LLC "KRIEG".