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Analog Swarovski FanatkaStraz at competitive prices

Offer type: salePublished: 11.08.2018
Price:30 RUR
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Address:Russian Federation, Transbaikal Territory, Chita
Rhinestones Analog Swarovski - allow inlay and nail to complement the elegant design of shimmering stones. Fascinating Shine and a natural Shine is the perfect addition to the manicure. Rhinestones Analog Swarovski are ideal for application to the nails, maintaining its Shine throughout wear. Glass adhesive Swarovski crystals are used everywhere. - for decoration of stage and dance costumes, swimsuits for gymnastics and figure skating; - to decorate clothing, shoes, accessories; - the inlays of mobile phones, furniture and interior items. Application rhinestone The pattern of crystals cold fixation is laid out on a pre-traced path. The crystals are immediately glued to the desired location, one with a special glue that quickly sets on a variety of surfaces (soft tissue, plastic, wood, etc.) You can inexpensively buy in our online store rhinestones Analog Swarovski wholesale and retail.