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Sell the plane throwing Styrofoam 48 cm and 36 cm OPT

Offer type: salePublished: 07.08.2018
Price:89.10 UAH
Seller:Plihtyak Ivanna Mihajlovna
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv
Wholesale 5 PCs
Plane throwing Virtuoso has 2 flight modes:
1) a Direct flight;
2) loop
Available in 7 colours:
The size of the aircraft:48x48 cm
Order by phone or come to our SHOWROOM near to metro Goloseevskaya, Goloseevskiy Prospekt 74 "Princess House" -
(together, run Your first PLANE)
To order online click the link:
princess house. com. ua/ g36417127 - samoletiki. html

We have only quality products!!!
WHAT THEY SAY ABOUT US? - princess house. com. ua/ testim onials
The plane is created of sturdy propylene and can withstand an unlimited number of drops and bumps.
The glider model has excellent flight characteristics and can fly up to 50 meters at the correct starting hands.
The ability to adjust the wing in the tail - thereby changing the range
The time to build a maximum of 1 minute. (any accessories not necessary)
More : princess house. com. ua/ g36417127 - samoletiki
video : youtu. be/ 4leQKk SVkkI
tel : +380931197001
Plht Ivanna M.
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